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We do supply of the following systems to control the air pollution and keep the environment clean.

  • Air pollution control system
  • Fume extraction system
  • Pressurization system
  • Ventilation system

Some of our product ranges are

  • Centrifugal blowers
  • Tube axial flow blowers
  • Bifurcated axial flow blowers
  • Pulse jet fabric filters
  • Unit dust collections
  • Filter bags
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Packed bed towers
  • Air washers. (masonary/metallic)
  • Unitary air washers
  • Bag filter retainers(cage)
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Thermic fluid boilers

To you as a customer, this would mean a host of new value added services like

  • Faster response time
  • Much wider product range
  • Quicker deliveries
  • R & D support